About the swamp and comfort zone.

28 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Last earned with my hands a few years ago. The company was engaged in the interiors, reworked ordinary aircraft and helicopters, in VIP-boards. Working conditions were at the level. This is not concrete at the construction site under the wind and snow with rain.

Cozy shops and workshops, the whole work is maximally automated. There is a kitchen, shower cabins and many more buns. Every hour a break for a cross. Non-smokers, once a few hours can go drink tea or take a shower. The company was not far from the Kazan airport outside the city, there was a watch. But residents of nearby villages worked.

All is well, only the patch is thirty. So it was in those days, I don’t know now.

Later in St. Petersburg, one entrepreneur who is engaged in a similar direction, only in the automotive business, said that such masters in the country by weight of gold. Never remain without work. But people prefer their usual conditions. Everything else is great stress.

Unique specialists at military factories receive 25,000 when they can earn more than more. Surely there are those who really believes in the high mission of their employers, to betray their native production for the sake of money disagree. Things are proud that they are not looking for a warm place, jumping from place to place. Glory to them and honor!

But often, just get used to and learn to be content with small. So the welder suits to work in the budget office for 20,000, although it can earn 100,000 and more, working on yourself.

Good masters are ready to pay good money. Not everyone is ready to change the usual place of work, simply by weighing everything and against. But tolerate, suffer and wait — our everything.

After all, to honestly see, it is unlikely that something will change dramatically. Even if you submit the most positive version of the development of events. The economy is torn, investors will come, the company will flourish and the shortage of professionals will be formed. Reforms will be changed and reforms will begin in the country. Even on such an unlikely alignment, it is necessary to lay 10 years. To 30 thousand rubles. turned into 100 -150 thousand rubles.

If we decompose on paper what we have today and what we expect from the future. Calculate how much time and health remains, at least for earnings. To see the amount that we can earn, even with a positive scenario. I am sure that she does not fight with our dreams. It remains to change something.

Always someone to blame, and objectively: power, founders, competitors, laws, Americans. But if you act in the field where you yourself can change, then everything becomes easier.

It remains either to make this life or change. Most often you can always do something.

I always understood this mind always. But it seemed that it was in my case that everything was too difficult. Until it got. And then you realize that in life we have one advantage — the opportunity to act. It is the possibility itself, and not a chance for success. And it’s not about big money and living conditions. If you do not realize yourself, you sit quietly consciously or subconsciously engage in criticism, suffering and self-named is not life. This is a swamp for me. But I admire people who can sincerely accept what they have. The main thing is not to deceive.