30 years have passed, and OSKI all tsp for GDR and an iron curtain

29 октября, 2021 от blago Выкл

Our past assessments and present can not always reflect reality. Even the story does not do this. So many in our country often remember Stalin, Brezhnev, Khrushchev, Yeltsin, believing that it was when they were golden time for the country.

Yes, I myself refracted in my mind past. I clean everything bad and leave only bright nostalgic pictures. In addition, there were other colors, but I don’t want to dig in them.

I remember Schreibikus from the textbook on German, the stories of the guys who went to Berlin and lived in German families. A trip to GDR was my dream. I did not get there. But the pore of them is long in his dream.

I do not remember in which movie Elderly German, who served in the GDR, regrets the past, on the order, morality and sublime ideology. Distorted memories or all those have real reasons for this? GDR Yesterday and Germany today it is the same thing as the USSR and modern Russia. We really have something, about which regret. Much really lost.

Yes, and now, after 30 years, our pensioners live no better than about the union, people with disabilities do not have work, education and medicine, to put it mildly, do not develop.

But the Germans still should be different. They have much less losses and more acquisitions. For freedom, they did not have to pay their own well-being. But many are still twisted, considering that the path here was better.

In addition to the great idea and social politics there were many achievements. The GDR was a showcase of socialism, with developed industry, high-quality medicine and education.

The Germans did not live in the communal and did not hear on the coupons. There were more freedoms in the country.

And the GDR was one of the strongest sports powers on the planet.

What do the Germans themselves say?

Many could not find themselves in a new life. Specialists in demand in the GDR were not a lot. Even the first cosmonaut Sigmund Yen could not find a job in a new country. Helped Moscow.

Losses were a lot and main of them, confidence in the future. Loss of familiar ideals and social guarantees. Eastern Germans did not feel liberated, rather deceived. They were deprived of the past, which could be evaluated positively.

The transition period is always difficult. Much breaks and not all capable adapt to new conditions. For 30 years, the separation of Western and Eastern Germans disappeared.

It is said that socialism is soul of lazy and people of the system. And jean on dictatorship, only the elderly losers. But according to the last survey, 40% of the youth of the eastern regions believe that the GDR was a more democratic and fair state than modern Germany.